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Velvet and Angus Progeny

Direct words from the owners of the pups!


Liberty at 9.5 months old


Liberty is a smart, goofy and loving girl. She gets the goofiness from her Sire, Angus! She is fairly submissive with dogs in our household, but confident with other dogs she meets. Her bond is strongest with me and will accept strangers and is friendly with them after initially meeting them. She is not overly velcro but must always have me in sight. She loves hugs, which is why I call her "my lovey girl". She is not aggressive at all towards any dog she meets, in fact, she can never wait long enough to meet them! She is a very social girl! She is protective of my property and her domain, alerting me of any strangers and or animals passing by my home! She is the right balance of protective and friendly.


I continue to be impressed by her adaptability in new situations. She does not get spooked in new situations but rather is cautious and curious. When in these situations she looks to me for queues and continues to act like the self assured/confident dog she is. Liberty is the one of most trainable dogs I have ever owned (I've owned 4 dogs over the past 15 years). While she is not extremely food motivated, she is motivated to please me. This is one of the wonderful traits of the Shiloh Shepherd breed, and especially a Velvet/Angus pup! 

He’s very cuddly and loving, but still very much a puppy...loves to bark at and play with other dogs…very confident!!


Alki where's my ball_edited.jpg

Where's my ball?

I love to swim!

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