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Available Puppies
Contact us if interested in learning more about Green Boy, Brown Boy and Orange Girl.

Green Boy is available, and is out of Kimber and Angus. He is a bi-black sable/cream and will be very striking. He is a softer puppy, who is very Velcro and loves to be near his human and get affection. He is calm and quiet when held and is a talker when he wants attention. He went half-way through the maze and decided he could climb his way out. He is gun sure. Structurally, he is a handsome, solid and well balanced puppy.

Brown Boy is available, and is out of Kimber and Angus. He is a dark gray sable. He is a medium to medium-hard temperament and is our calm thinker. He is Velcro without being needy or demanding at all. He is curious and confident. He is lower drive and very gun sure. He nailed the maze after the first turn. Structurally, he is a hefty and well balanced pup.


Orange Girl is available. She is a bi-black sable/cream. She is a medium-soft temperament and is a happy puppy who loves attention. She bonds easily with people and is a Velcro-type, without being needy or demanding. She has great eye contact and will be easy to train with praise. She is lower drive, relaxed in new situations, is gun sure and well balanced. 

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