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Here are some of our Studs

We also have frozen semen available! Click here to view our studs from which we have frozen semen available.


Angus is super sweet and loves to make you laugh. He is smart and likes to please you. He is still growing and is 31" at the wither and weighs around 120 pounds. He is very accepting of strangers and warms up quickly to new people. We see a lot of his personality in his puppies!

Angus sleeping on chair_edited.jpg
Angus sitting in front of TV_edited.jpg


Buddy has always been very adult-like, even as a puppy. He's very loyal, protective and affectionate with his people, and well behaved. He loves hugs, and you can see him smile. He is a quieter dog, rarely barks, but has an amazing howl.



Jerry is a goofball. He is active, and treats life as a party. He is great with all the other dogs, and plays hard. He is a huge dog, and still growing. Sometimes we forget he's still a puppy! He has the personality that he will probably always be puppy-like.


Cyrus is a velcro type boy, very affectionate, loves people, and plays constantly with his best friends Deja and Skye. He is very well behaved, and catches on to new tricks/commands amazingly fast. He is an absolute sweetheart.

Cyrus 1.jpg
Cyrus 2.jpg
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