Our Studs

Basalt Rock of Solace "Rock"

Rock lives with us in Washington State and is an integral part of our family.

DoB: 4/30/2014, Hips OFA Good, DM clear, Holter clear, 31", 118#, black, plush

Sire: Solace's Scirocco Wind of Epic (Scirocco) Hips OFA Good, DM carrier, 30#, 107#, black/tan, plush

Dam: Solace's Te Kila Sonrise v Kai, Hips PHip r0.35, l0.36, DM clear, 27", 85#, grey sable, plush

Rock is available for live cover or chilled shipped.

Rock loves everyone and everyone loves Rock.  He just wants to please you and won’t do anything if he can help it, to keep you from getting upset with him, as he just wants to be a good boy. You just have to glance at Rock and he will give you big tail wags.  He is incredibly affectionate and doesn’t know how big he is when he climbs into your lap for cuddles. He has absolutely no prey drive and is kind to all things big and small.

Rock laying down.jpg