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Shiloh Puppies

How it Works

Veterinary Medicine costs have increased significantly over the years. Click here to use a Veterinary Medicine inflation calculator. We recommend Pet Insurance to reduce the burden of Veterinary costs. Call us to get our recommendation.

We take placing puppies very seriously. Both Jessica and Laura were first trained in 2002 on how to conduct a proper Litter Evaluation by the breed founder, Tina Barber. We match puppies with families based on what they are hoping for in a puppy, i.e. temperament, gender, color, coat (keeping in mind, the more specific the preferences the are, the more challenging it becomes to match the correct temperament). Placement on our list is in order of deposits received. The earlier you get your deposit in, the better your chance of coming up in queue for your puppy. Click here to see the information we provide to our clients.

If you would like to be put on the list for a puppy, please fill out our Pre-Adoption Questionnaire along with deposit or prepayment. You can fill out our online puppy questionnaire or print out our puppy questionnaire and scan/email it to us or mail it to us. 

Before you are placed on our list for a puppy, a deposit of $500 must be received.  Deposits may be sent via PayPay to StraussHausShepherds@yahoo.comor through Zelle (contact us for Zelle payments). Please note, we do not take PayPal for final payments, but final payments can be made via personal checks or Zelle. Please contact us for the mailing address for personal checks.

Deposits and Prepayments: 

  • To reserve a  space on our puppy list, a $500 non-refundable deposit is required. There is no guarantee that you will get a puppy from any certain litter, as sometimes Mother Nature has other ideas of when, or how many puppies each litter will have.  Refunds will be made if we do not have a puppy for you within a year of receiving your deposit, but not if you change your mind. 

  • Prices are $3,500 for pet quality.

  • Final payment must be received two weeks prior to the litter evaluation and puppies will be sent to their homes the week following the litter evaluation.

Shipping and puppy pick up fees: 

  • The Litter Evaluations are done at approximately 8 weeks of age.  Pups are shipped or picked the week after the Litter Evaluation. Arrangements must be made ahead of time.  Shipping fees are $350, PLUS COST OF ACTUAL AIRFARE. 

  • The $350 fee covers an airline-approved shipping crate (200 series kennel and shipping materials), an ISO compliant microchip, the first round of vaccinations and de-wormings, a Veterinary health certificate, and transportation to the airport. 

  • The puppy pick-up fee is $150-$175, which includes an ISO microchip, de-wormings, and the first round of vaccinations. 

  • If you cannot receive your pup by the second week following the Litter Evaluation, we will board your puppy for a rate of $25 a day. 

Puppy Placement:

  • The litter evaluation, which takes place around 8 weeks of age, helps us determine which puppy should go to which family. We will send you a summary of your puppy's LER and photos of which puppy aligns with what you are looking for in a Shiloh puppy. It is important when filling out the questionnaire, to be very clear on what is important to you and where you can be flexible. 

  • Please make sure that you provide a phone number for your puppy placement phone call.

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