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Upcoming Litters 

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Anna and Cyrus 

We are planning to breed these two together on Anna's next heat cycle. Click here to view videos of Anna's previous litter! We expect plush coated puppies, grey as well as brown sables; and maybe a dual or two. We should see medium soft temperaments, moderate drive and willingness to please. Anna has a great temperament and beautiful conformation. Like her sister Petra, she is fun loving, with sense of humor, has moderate drive, with low prey drive. Cyrus loves all people, dogs and animals.

Cyrus 2.jpg

Kimber and Cyrus 

Kimber and Cyrus have been bred and we are expecting puppies on or around August 19th This will be an all smooth litter. Pups should be a beautiful array of grey and brown sables, with good pigment. We expect medium soft temperaments and very sweet, demonstrative puppies, with a Velcro nature - always wanting to be near you. Kimber has a softer temperament, loves her family and is aloof to strangers. Kimber is the caretaker, always checking on everyone and nurturing any puppy that we raise here. Cyrus loves all people, dogs, cats and is incredibly laid back. He has a medium soft temperament. 


Petra and Cyrus - we breeding these two this fall.

Petra is Anna's sister. Petra shares the same wonderful temperament and similar conformation as her sister Anna. She has a fun loving sense of humor and moderate drive; with low to no prey drive. Cyrus is a big Teddy bear and loves all people and animals, even cats!

Cyrus 2_edited.jpg
Velvet and Cryus - whelped on April 4, 2024 - all puppies have been placed with wonderful families.

We will be breeding these two again this fall. We will get both smooth and plush coated puppies from this pairing, with a combination of grey and brown sables and possibly duals. We expect pups to be willing to please, with a sweet and calm, medium to medium soft temperament. Velvet has a sweet nature and a sense of humor. She is Velcro, but not needy or demanding. She is alert and easy trained, with a higher drive. Cyrus is very chill and has a sweet, fun loving temperament.

Cyrus 1_edited.jpg
Vanna and Cyrus

We are planning to breed Vanna whenever she comes into heat next. Puppies should be a combination of brown and grey sables and possibly a dual, with plush and smooth coats. Puppies should be submissively sweet and fun loving, wanting to please and be near their families. Vanna is very sweet, loving and submissive girl. Cyrus has a very calm, submissive, sweet and loving temperament as well. They should produce some lovely puppies.


Chance is available for adoption to an approved family.




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