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Upcoming Litters 

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Tasha and Angus

We are planning to breed these two in January, 2024. These pups will be in the medium-soft to medium range of temperaments, have nice play drive, retrieve drive, and plenty of energy. They will absolutely love their humans but not be clingy or needy and fine doing their own thing. The pups will be plush coated and sabled - brown and grey in color.




Anna and Kristoff 

We are planning to breed these two together in October, 2023. Click here to view videos of Anna and Kristoff's previous litter! We will be repeating this litter as we really liked what we saw in their previous litter. As in their previous litter, we expect plush coated, with grey as well as brown sables; and maybe a dual or two with medium soft temperaments, moderate drive and willingness to please. Anna has a great temperament and beautiful conformation. Like her sister Petra, she is fun loving, with sense of humor, has moderate drive, with low prey drive. Kristoff is a sweetheart of a boy with a winning personality. Everyone loves Kristoff! The puppies should  be very sweet with moderate drive, have lower prey drive and lovely conformation.

Petra and Kristoff (or possibly Angus)

Petra is Anna's sister. We are hoping to breed Petra in 2024. Petra shares the same wonderful temperament and similar conformation as her sister Anna. She has a fun loving sense of humor and moderate drive; with low to no prey drive. Kristoff is a lovely and sweet boy and passes this onto his progeny.

Velvet and Angus

We are planning to breed these two in January, 2024. We expect both smooth and plush coated puppies from this pairing, with a combination of grey and brown sables and possibly duals. We expect pups to be willing to please, with a sweet and calm, medium to medium soft temperament.

Vanna and Cyrus

We are hoping to breed Vanna to Cyrus, once he finishes his health testing. 

Chance is available for adoption to an approved family.




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