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Upcoming Litters 

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We have space on our Kimber list for puppies!

Angus and Velvet pups are born. The litter is sold out! These pups will have a range in temperaments from medium-soft to medium-hard, and also a range in energy level, going from lower average to higher average. We should see a few couch potatoes and a few for more active families. These pups will be easy to train, and have a high desire to please their humans. We will get a combination of plush and smooth coated puppies.




Kimber and Angus have been bred and Kimber is due to whelp towards the end of the month. We have space on this list. If you want a smooth puppy, this will be the litter for you. These pups will have softer, medium temperaments, low prey drive, average play drive, and be very velcro, loving and loyal. They will be easy to train with a huge desire to please their humans. Energy levels will be on the lower side of average. 


Tasha and Inish. We are expecting to breed these two towards the end of summer. These pups will be in the medium-soft to medium range of temperaments, nice play drive and retrieve drive, and plenty of energy. They will absolutely love their humans but not be clingy or needy and fine doing their own thing. The pups will be all white and all plush coated.





Sarah and Angus are due to be bred in April. Sarah is our party girl. She loves to play and have fun. Angus too is fun-loving, has a sense of humor, and has a desire to please. This litter will produce all plushes. The pups should have a wonderful sense of humor and surprise you with their silly antics, with moderate drive, and no prey drive. Conformationally, we expect nice structure and beautiful toplines. We expect the puppies from this litter to stay forever puppy-like! 

20230310_150950 Jessica Strauss_edited.jpg



Chance and Angus have bred and we are hoping she took! We expect pups with fun-loving temperaments with a range of energy, lower prey drive, and plenty of play drive. Chance is a more "puppyish" adult who loves to have things to do, and is very easy to work with, especially with treats and praise. Angus has the chill factor and loves to keep you laughing. These will be more velcro puppies who love hugs and affection. 




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