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Tasha and Inish Puppies


Thank you for our boy! Honestly these past two weeks had been a whirlwind. Now that we’ve settled in a routine he’s doing wonderful. We decided to name him Ryu, after the character in the old school arcade game street fighters. 


Ryu is doing great, after the first night he almost hasn't had an accident. The few times he did, it was my fault for not taking him out more often. It's funny because once I bring him out to the yard I almost don't have enough time to say "go potty" before he just goes instantly, evenly when he barely has to pee. He’s very smart, learned to sit, down, stand, and paw very quickly. He learned to wait for me to say "Okay" before running out the door.


The litter evaluation was spot on. He’s not afraid of any loud noises. He loves to be with people and follow us everywhere but he’s also fine being left by himself, especially during nap time. Sometimes when he’s trying to sleep and we’re petting him he would do this little grumpy grunt and get up and walk over to his crate or bed to sleep. He’s reserved with strangers until he gets to know them.


He loves playing in the water, he would often sleep with his head resting on the water bowl. His favorite place to lay is by the ac vent. Even though our place is temperature controlled he still seeks out the vents to lay on top of. I'm not sure if this is the same with other Tasha/Inish pups but he LOVES eating grass. When he's in the yard he would spend quite a while just laying there munching on some grass. We’re very happy with our boy. Thank you Laura and Jessica. I've been taking way too many pictures but I've attached a couple of my favorite ones of him so far.

Ryu LER Summary:

This puppy has a medium temperament. He takes a minute to evaluate new people, then makes friends. He enjoys attention and sometimes demands it. This puppy enjoys attention and being entertained. He is a velcro type, staying right with the tester as he proceeds through the tests. He is lower drive and more interested in people than any of the toys. He is busy, but not high drive. He was very gun sure, showing no reaction to the pan lids and only a slight startle on the penny can. He had to be shown how to get out of the maze, and did a fair amount of talking prior, while stuck. He “talked all about it” afterward. 


This is a puppy that will do well with someone who works from home, as he will enjoy being around his people all day, his velcro nature will be good for someone who wants their dog to follow them and be near. He will be on the aloof side with strangers in the beginning. Teach this puppy to please you, by using the nothing-in-life is free approach, meaning make him give you something before he gets what he wants. E.g. sit before placing the kibble bowl down. Use a happy voice when you are pleased and a lower, disapproving voice when he doesn’t do as asked. Help him build his competencies.

Ryu - Green boy_edited.jpg
Ryu - Green boy_edited_edited.jpg
Ryu - Green boy_edited.jpg
Ryu - Green boy_edited.jpg
Ryu - Green boy_edited.jpg
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