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Socialization and Training/Teaching Your Puppy

What you communicate and teach your puppy now will impact it for the rest of it's life!

Get your pup out and about, soon after his 16 week vaccination shot. Whatever you want your pup to be comfortable with as an adult, get him familiar as a pup. And, NEVER, ever coddle a pup when it is scared, be his coach when he is unsure and protect him if he is in danger, but never soothe a scared pup. When you soothe a scared pup, you are reinforcing that which he thought was scary is truly something to worry about. We always laugh at what their insecurity is about and then go and sit on it or pat it or act like it is our friend. If another dog comes charging your pup, scoop him up and tell the oncoming dog to stand down in a firm and strong voice. Your pup will see you as her protector and will feel safe growing up as a pup should grow up, carefree and without worry. You will prove yourself a strong leader and your pup will respect you. You can carry breath spray with you when you take your pup for walks, that way if a dog charges and doesn’t stop; he gets sprayed in the face with breath spray. That will stop him from encroaching and it doesn’t harm the dog or get the owner upset.

Reward with exuberance when your pup does something you ask him or her to do. Shilohs very much want you to be pleased with them. So, the more they can please you, the more they will work for you. And, when you correct, be firm in voice and don’t allow any negative emotion or frustration to come out, once the pup is corrected, move on and give him or her something positive to do and then reward that. Your pup will learn the difference between that which pleases you and that which displeases you.

If your pup is mouthing you, e.g. putting his/her teeth on you or any part of your body, push the lip over his or her tooth and in a high pitched voice, say “Owww!”, that sound is what their littermates did when they were being mouthed by him and this is what will teach your pup bite inhibition. If you don’t feel like saying owww in a high pitched voice, then just say “No mouth” while you are rolling or pushing the lip over his or her teeth. The effect of doing the rolling or pushing of the lip over the teeth causes him discomfort. Right after, give the pup an appropriate chew toy or ignore him.

Teach your pup to walk on a loose leash as a puppy, they are easier to teach as pups than they are teenagers or adults. Make it exciting to walk next to you. If your pup charges ahead, then turn around and call her to you. Make coming to you and walking with you a lot of fun. A dog that pulls on her leash is one that doesn’t allow you to be the leader and you want to make sure that you are the leader in your relationship with your dog. Teaching a pup to walk on a loose lead should only be in short increments and end on a positive note. Remember, like a child, a puppy’s attention span is short.

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