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Crate Training

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

A crate to a puppy is like a fort to a child, it is secure and safe for them, once they get comfortable in it. We recommend crate training your pup as you never know when you will need to have your pup in a crate. Be it when you are traveling to someone’s home, if your Shiloh ever has to recuperate after a procedure, or needs to be on bed rest and limit activity for whatever reason.

Make the crate a pleasant place to be in, never use it for time outs, it should be a safe haven for the pup to relax in and decompress in. We have our pups sleep in their crates when they are not consistently housebroken. A pup will never (or rarely) soil their crates and they will let you know when they need to go out in the middle of the night to go-make. Pups tend to like crates, although some not as well as others. Put your puppy's favorite toy in there, feed him or her in there or give treats in the crate.

Keep the crate where the family is so that the pup doesn’t feel all alone. We like to move the pup’s crate into our bedroom at night, so that we can hear them complaining that they need to go potty. It also helps the pup feel like they are part of your family. They were used to being with all their other litter mates and need to establish a new security within your family.

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