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For housebreaking, we recommend you take your puppy outside after every meal, after he or she has been sleeping for any length of time, after playing or after any activity or being in the crate. When he or she goes potty outside, say “Good go-make” or “Good potty”.

Make the act of having the poop outside a great celebration and reward with joy and praise. When your puppy has an accident inside the home, never say bad puppy, but scold the poop, say “Bad potty”, talking to the potty.

We know this sounds ridiculous, but it works and the puppy realizes that poop inside is bad and poop outside is good. Sometimes you can use a bell on the door that your puppy exits to go outside to potty and you can ring it each time the puppy is on his or her way outside and eventually the pup will realize that he or she can communicate to you, by ringing the bell, that he or she needs to go outside to go potty. When young, never let the pup out of your sight in the house as the pup will find a location to relieve itself.

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