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Puppies who have gone home

The following is from Meri, who adopted Purple girl, now known as Nyah, from Benelli and Angus:

"We have Nyah a plush girl from this litter, She is Amazing!!! I kid you not!!!. My husband and I have had alot of Great dogs in our 38 years together. I have never had a puppy basically potty trained by 9 weeks before. She goes out the dog door by herself, into the dog pen and does her business. I've never dealt with the LER, but it was Spot On!!!! She is exactly 100 percent what her testing said she is. Smart, calm, and wants to be with people. She will follow my other two dogs, but when she notices I'm not going, she bounces back happily to me and sits at my feet. I don't believe you can find a better pup than this litter." Nyah's photo is below.   

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