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Breeding Mentorship Program

Strauss Haus and Solace Shilohs will mentor clients who wish to have their Strauss and Solace puppy enter the breeding program. You don't have to be or become an established breeder and you can have as few as one litter of puppies. We meet you where you are in that knowledge.


Read "Keeping a Breed Healthy" and "Experienced Breeders" on our Articles page and you will see the importance of utilizing Experienced Breeders in teaching others how to continue a healthy Shiloh Shepherd breed!


Topics you will learn include (but are not limited to):


  • The history of Shilohs

  • The breed standard

  • What we are breeding for and why

  • Health issues and health testing for the breed

  • How to prepare your male or female for breeding

  • How to determine peak time for breeding

  • How to breed your female, methods of insemination

  • What to expect during her pregnancy

  • How to set up a proper whelping area

  • Prenatal and postnatal care

  • How to whelp a litter and raise puppies properly regarding nutrition and socialization


We will provide one-on-one teaching along with references/articles on reproduction, and caring for your female and her puppies. Strauss and Solace have over 44 years of combined experience. They have mentored several breeders in training throughout their breeding careers. 

If you are interested, contact us or call us. 


































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