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Benelli and Angus Puppies


 Lily is a huge derp that absolutely loves all people and all dogs. I got her one of the more difficult puzzle toys when she was 16 weeks thinking it’d take her awhile to figure it out….she solved it in 5 minutes. 


She’s super sweet and has only barked a couple of times (not exaggerating I thought something was wrong for awhile). Seeing her discover new things has been so fun and I couldn’t be happier with my little lady. 

Thank you to you both for all the guidance throughout this process and I’m excited to continue to guide her as she grows! 

Lily's LER Summary:

Happy, bouncing puppy who followed immediately, went straight to tester, very happy, tail wagging, licking and kissing puppy. Very forgiving and interactive with tester. Great eye contact, sits in front of tester and waits for directions. This is a pup with a medium temperament. This pup didn’t want to be on her back during submission,  Pup pulled paw away, with no crying at count of 3. Investigated and sniffed toy, but didn’t do anything with it, no interest in tug - no real prey drive. Didn’t like the can, startled from the can being tossed at her. Slight reaction with gun test, but recovered and sniffed lids. This pup is very people oriented as she stayed with tester during entire test. The pup went half way through the maze, looked over edge and came straight out, this pup is a thinker and processes information before she acts. This is a more energetic pup that likes to be involved with her people and have a good time with them.

Lily 3.jpeg
Lily 4.jpeg
Lily 2.jpeg


We have Nyah a plush girl from this litter, She is Amazing!!! I kid you not!!!. My husband and I have had alot of Great dogs in our 38 years together. I have never had a puppy basically potty trained by 9 weeks before. She goes out the dog door by herself, into the dog pen and does her business.


I've never dealt with the LER, but it was Spot On!!!! She is exactly 100 percent what her testing said she is. Smart, calm, and wants to be with people. She will follow my other two dogs, but when she notices I'm not going, she bounces back happily to me and sits at my feet. I don't believe you can find a better pup than this litter.


Nyah LER Summary:

Puppy followed immediately, went back to start, then bounced happily back to tester when called. Very happy, tail wagging puppy. Tentative at first, but then bouncy. Forgiving puppy, This pup has a medium-soft temperament. She is a happy and bouncy puppy, but calm. She followed and squeaked the ball, some play, but low prey. Followed tug with eyes, but no real interested other than watching it. Watched the can, walked to it, but decided to go back to tester instead. Stays with tester throughout testing, but not clingy or needy. Always looking to the tester for directions. Did a perfect maze, went to the end, got stuck and then when she thought about it, she came straight out. This is a thinking pup who looks to human for guidance and direction. She is fairly gun sure, did not react to can at all, and had slight startle but did not react to lids. This is a wonderful puppy conformationally speaking and is a happy, fun loving puppy who loves people. This is a solid puppy!



Mulder has been a perfect puppy! House training was easy. On the long ride home to Maine after we picked him up he was already whining when he needed to go. Your assessment of him was accurate.


We have already completed our first obedience class at a training facility (Merrill K9) and are currently enrolled in the Good Canine Citizen Class. Mulder is a model puppy. So easy to train! He loves to swim and dare I say - he loves our semi-feral cat. She definitely loves him.


The only mild challenge we had was teaching fetch. We don't play it but he does have to do it when asked. He has lots of other games he loves, such as tug, but mostly, his favorite thing is belly rubs. He is a wonderful companion dog.

Mulder LER Summary:

Calm, happy, and sweet puppy.  Calm when tester interacts with him, this pup loves interaction! Looked to the tester throughout the test. A velcro pup. Pretty mellow. Puppy followed immediately, was bouncy and very happy. Licking and kissing, very tailing wagging, quick to bond. Forgiving and relaxed pup. Very submissive pup, totally relaxed to 10. A softer pup. No prey, watched ball, no interest. This pup has a medium-soft temperament. No interest in can, but slight startle and went to tester. Will look to person for reassurance. With maze, he went ½ way though, then came straight out in 2 seconds! Smart and thinking pup. He has a strong desire to be with his people. Is gun sure, turned to look and sniff cans after sound. Won’t need strong corrections, will excel with positive reinforcement. Will love, love his people. No pups in this litter are candidates for SAR.

king of rock conv_edited.jpg
Mulder & Hades_edited.jpg
Mulder napping with cat 7_2022 conv_edited.jpg
Mudler and Badger May 2022_edited.jpg


Solaire- formally Sunny, has been just the light to my world. He came to me only recently and oddly was rainy the morning he arrived. (Laura was a life saver in the arrival time of Sol as my side was not acutely updating  and I appreciate all the updates that Jessica took time to send me, which was often).

Upon his arrival he was very much Velcro. Once home for the first time, to every lil new adventure we take on each day, to now as I am typing this he is by my side. He definitely took some adjusting before we started to see his puppy side come to life. Watching him open up over the weeks from a shy, and I’m sure a bit scared pup, to this total silly, sweet, loving pup has been such an experience. He loves dogs he see’s on routines from our morning/evening walks. (Namely the other friendly, more relaxed dogs) other situations where you would be nervous he handles very well and is always looking to me for what to do or to see if I react.  Solaire has his own ways of doing things when encountering an ‘unknown’ or ‘scary’ situation. He really takes his time observing and contemplating what or how to handle new things. He is absolutely great with play dates which sometimes includes spending time with some cats, who seem to love him as much as he loves them. Solaire has been a perfect fit and I look forward to each day we journey through life together. 

Solaire LER Summary:

Quick to bond, calm pup, mellow, happy, sweet, chill pup, not needy, definitely a velcro pup. Super friendly, followed immediately, a licking and kissing puppy, stayed with tester. Forgiving pup. Medium to medium soft temperament. Lots eye contact. No interest in toy, no prey.  Followed tug with eyes and laid down. Ducked and recovered beautifully with can, approached and sniffed it. Got stuck at first in maze, went halfway, looked over and then came straight out. A thinking pup. No reaction to gun test. Faced the sound, and looked to tester for information on the sound. Not needy, not clingy, but is velcro.

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