Available Puppy - from Benelli and Angus.

Yellow boy, aka Sunny a pet quality, smooth coated, bi-black and cream sable, is available now. Photos below.

The following is his litter evaluation summary:  

Yellow boy is a quick to bond, calm, mellow, happy, sweet, and a chill pup. He is not needy, but definitely a velcro pup. Yellow boy is super friendly, followed the tester immediately, and is a licking and kissing puppy, who enjoyed staying with the tester. He is a forgiving pup. Yellow boy has a medium to medium-soft temperament and gives lots of eye contact. He has no prey drive. He is a problem solver, he got stuck at first in maze, went halfway, looked over and then came straight out. A thinking pup. No reaction to gun test. Faced the sound, and looked to tester for information on the sound. Not needy, not clingy, but is velcro.  His photos are below.